Renewal’s goal is to broaden the appeal of the Conservative Party, so they are able to win sustainable majorities in the future and govern alone for lengthy periods of time. The narrowing of Conservative appeal over recent decades has made the task of winning majorities much more difficult, hence the critical importance of broadening appeal to groups of voters who do not feel that the Conservative Party is on their side and to parts of the country where voting Conservative has become counter-cultural. Without broadening their appeal, Conservatives will struggle to remain a party of government.

In particular, we believe that the Conservatives need to broaden their appeal amongst the following groups:

· Working class and lower middle class voters. Almost three quarters of voters still think that the Conservatives are the “party of the rich”.

· Ethnic minorities. Only 16 per cent of non-white voters voted Conservative at the last election.

· People living in cities, towns and their suburbs across the country. Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield don’t have a single Tory MP or Councillor between them.

· Voters living outside the South East, especially in the Midlands and the North. Conservatives hold only 20 of the 124 urban seats in the North and Midlands (16 per cent).